Hi puppies! Bloggin’ Colleen is back! Not that anyone ever called me Bloggin’ Colleen. Hell, only half the people I know even call me “Colleen”. Ok, well that’s not true. I guess it’s just my family and all those long-lost elementary and high school friends that have found me on facebook (yay facebook!) that still want to call me “Shannon”.

baby me<—-Shannon

blonde <—–Colleen

Any questions?

My best girly girlfriend up northwestern way is upstartin’ her bloggin’ again (ain’t no endin’ ‘g’s in this blog, er blo!) to explore and share her experience in international adoption. Ya’ll remember Sandykins! http://skaduce.wordpress.com

So anyhoot, I said I would start blogging again if she was blogging, well, because that’s how this whole thing got started in the first place. Elaborate Hour (the original and still greatest Blog de Colleen) was started on her inspiration/suggestion. (2004, yo)

I just realized that the Elaborate Hour is like a demolished historic amusement park – a lost treasure of the bygone days of leisure and fun for fun’s sake. Only memories remain. Where’s the fun?

I think I need a new latin category for “where’s the fun?”.

I never remember what these damn latin categories mean.


The Pigeoneers

a feature documentary film written, directed and produced by al croseri

“The Pigeoneers” is an homage to the bravery of homing pigeons who saved thousands of lives in combat in the Great World Wars. Their achievements embodied the attributes of service, endurance, loyalty and supreme courage. Here, their memory is evoked by Colonel Clifford A. Poutre, Chief Pigeoneer, U. S. Army Signal Corps Pigeon Service, 1936-1943.

Pigeons in Combat

Men I Can’t Date:

Jerry Lewis (swoon!)


Men I Won’t Date:

Jerry Lewis

Now, based on that post title, you might be thinking, WOW, Colleen is having one groovy Wednesday night!! But the truth of the matter is: Colleen is having one groovy existence! Thanks in large part to, well, Life. Life takes you here, it takes you there, and it presents to you any number of people, places and things (The Beatles or The Monkees, Chubby Checker!), and with alarming frequency (and painfully glaring exceptions), they’re TOTALLY AWESOME.

Things I’m appreciating in my groovy existence tonight:

  • The Comcast Cable Guide’s description of the Travel Network’s show Hamburger Paradise: “Hamburgers.”
  • Animal Planet’s Escape to Chimp Eden – because that name makes it sound like late-night monkey porn!
  • The tenacity and all around undeniable cuteness of a flock of seagulls descending upon an unguarded picnic at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. Granted, I would be more excited if it had been pigeons, but I think the seagulls add a level of sophistication that the pigeons might have lacked given the same circumstances. Besides, everyone knows Pigeons Prefer Cheetos. (Video features the voice talents of myself and my darling dearest, Vincent Gargiulo of The Animal Forestry Commission, who warrants a bullet point all his own under Things I’m Appreciating.)

In case you ever wondered what it looked like to unsubscribe from a Danish newsletter! Ja!